haha i notice now that the last personal post before the one i posted rn its from when i was doing the admission course last year and didnt get into hahha

wow life can be so funny except not

so sorry this blog has been on hiatus for so long but im afraid it will likely stay like this for a while because 

a) im currently doing the admission course for college (which sucks so much you dont even know) 


b) im not feeling like fumbling around with photoshop at all wow im so lame but you know whatever 

i do still have some stuff to post but i feel like no one pays attention to the stuff i make and thats really ok  but whats the point you know what i mean 

so yeah

psd #29 (download)

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psd #28 (download)

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grimes icons

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  • credits @skeletonntiger
  • stealing is 4 losers

psd #27 (download)

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by evenstarss

  • contains 30 mixed textures
  • various sizes (mostly 500x600)
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  • enjoy! [zip]

kokorocolors resource pack • like or reblog if downloading // download

  • this is a little something we’ve been working on since we were nearing 1,000 followers and wanted to thank you guys for giving us so much love; it took us so long that by the time we had finished we’ve reached 1,150+ followers!! thank you, you guys are awesome!
  • this resource pack contains (2) actions, (10) psds, (10) textures, (9) sidebar edits, and lots of icons (stock, kpop, shows).
  • enjoy!